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Does the Lack of the Futura Font Doom Moonrise Kingdom?

I’m a huge Wes Anderson fan. When the trailer for Moonrise Kingdom hit the net I may or may not have let out a full-on girlie squeal and did a happy dance.

If you guessed that I may have, you’d be correct.

Besides the fact that Bill Murray and Jason Schwartzman are in almost every Wes Anderson film, there is another common thread. And that thread, my friends, is the Futura font.

Futura - A Typographical Hug

Scientifically, it seems that the Futura Font + Jason Schwartzman + Bill Murray = The perfect storm, being a Wes Anderson movie.

So why is it, just when my equations were lining up perfectly, that the trailer for Moonrise Kingdom comes out, displaying…cursive?

Moonrise Kingdom title - in...not Futura

Are my calculations off? Is Wes Anderson shedding the typographical security blanket? Just when I was assured that all Wes Anderson movies meant safe characters, Paul Simon soundtracks, a Hipstamatic-appearance and Futura font, my world was turned upside-down. Next thing you know, Wes Anderson will be directing the next season of Real Housewives (ok, maybe I’m overreacting just a little).

Do you associate certain fonts with certain people/movies/ideas? Just me?


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