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Pinterest for Hotels: The Next Big Thing?

I’ve been addicted to Pinterest for the past year, but my love for the site has absolutely nothing to do with work.

For those who are still learning about Pinterest, I’d describe it as an internet organizer/vision board. You can create boards for any topic you can imagine. My personal Pinterest contains boards for home decor, outfits that I love, hairstyles, and hilarious internet memes. You can either find ideas by following people online and re-pinning their ideas, or pinning your own pictures, either by uploading them from your computer or pinning via website link.

So why is it that recently so many people are jumping on the Pinterest bandwagon, and that many of these people think that Pinterest will be the next big thing for Hotels?

Here are some great articles for and against jumping on the Pinterest train:

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My thoughts? If you have a visually-stunning hotel, there’s no reason not to try Pinterest. Creating pins for unique room types, restaurant decor, menu items, and anything unique your hotel has to offer have definite re-pinning potential. For people who use Pinterest to get ideas for upcoming trips or create boards that feature decadent entrees they’d like to try, there’s no telling how much traffic you could gain from putting your pins out there.

The down-side? It may turn out that Pinterest isn’t the best social media platform for Hoteliers. But that’s ok. The most you have to lose is a few hours creating your boards. Compared to other social media platforms, Pinterest needs little on-going maintenance. You may have an occasional question pop up that needs to be answered, but for the most part, creating compelling visual content is the key to future business that may come through the door.

I personally don’t think Pinterest is going to be a huge pay-off for most companies, but the potential to bring in new traffic is what’s really key. There’s a huge opportunity to showcase your property to a large audience, but I think for the most part, the key players on Pinterest are really just looking for the ultimate crack potato recipe (apparently it’s amazing).

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