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The dish on: Homage Bakery

Homage is my new Reno bestie. My slice of Portland with the best croissants in town. A place to relax on the porch with friends with a well-crafted mocha. And it’s like the mocha is made with love.

To start, this place is adorable. It’s a refurbished house decorated in a way that I would like to decorate my house, but when I try it never looks this nice. It’s cozy and fancy with local artwork and chandeliers. There’s plenty of nooks, but also porch seats to watch the people pass by.

The food is breathtakingly amazing. It’s like someone literally poured their soul into my chocolate croissant. I’ve mentioned chocolate croissants twice (now three times) because they are made with the salty, sweet tears of angels crying. I don’t know what exactly is in them, but that’s my guess. Or just good chocolate and sea salt.

The surrounding scenery isn’t pretty, but Homage is. And I love the fact that if you go on a weekend you just might get to listen to a flautist playing Jethro Tull, whose also there to sell his custom art prints. This place has heart.

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It may be a little nerdy, but Game of Thrones is one of my favorite shows. In the downtime before Season 2 started on HBO, I read all of the books in George R.R. Martin’s series, “A Song of Fire and Ice”. I have a “Team Tyrion” shirt, (ok, maybe not, but if I stumbled across one I’d think about buying it.)

It seems only appropriate I show some of my favorite Game of Thrones-related videos that I’ve found on the web. Enjoy!

Probably the best Playmobile video I’ve ever seen.

The Simpsons always hit the nail on the head. This intro is amazing.

Celebrity nursery rhymes with George R.R. Martin. All you need to know is, “along came a spider, who shot her in the bowels with a cross bow.” Not recommended for children.

Are you a Game of Thrones fan, and have you found any funny videos or memes related to the show?

Game of Thrones Internet Glory

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New Facebook for Brands – Are you Overwhelmed Yet?

Facebook just announced a number of changes that will affect brand pages. As someone who manages multiple brand pages and ads, I’m trying to wrap my brain around all of this new information that’s coming my way. Here are some good links about the new changes:

Facebook Timeline for Brand Pages [] – If you’re still getting over the initial shock of having your personal Facebook page replaced by the timeline, here’s another scare – Timeline is coming to Brand Pages as of March 30. You can make the switch now or preview beforehand.

Facebook Real-Time Analytics [Mashable] – Just like Google, Facebook is updating to real-time analytics, which means I can sit at my computer all day long and see how many people are visiting my brand pages. I definitely see this as a new obsession, and possibly a replacement for TV.

New Facebook Ads [Mashable] – Facebook is rolling out new ads that will show up in the news feed, rather than on the right sidebar. These “Premium” ads will be a CPM model instead of the old CPC.

7 Crucial Things About Timeline for Facebook Pages [] – Be sure to update your 3rd party apps (including default landing tabs), update your cover photo, and even change that unique URL Facebook said was unchangeable!

Enough info for you? Don’t worry, there’s still 29 days left before the new Timeline!



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Punctuation Matters


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Pinterest for Hotels: The Next Big Thing?

I’ve been addicted to Pinterest for the past year, but my love for the site has absolutely nothing to do with work.

For those who are still learning about Pinterest, I’d describe it as an internet organizer/vision board. You can create boards for any topic you can imagine. My personal Pinterest contains boards for home decor, outfits that I love, hairstyles, and hilarious internet memes. You can either find ideas by following people online and re-pinning their ideas, or pinning your own pictures, either by uploading them from your computer or pinning via website link.

So why is it that recently so many people are jumping on the Pinterest bandwagon, and that many of these people think that Pinterest will be the next big thing for Hotels?

Here are some great articles for and against jumping on the Pinterest train:

Pinterest Driving More Referral Traffic than Google+ []
What Pinterest Means for Hotels []
Pinterest is Over-Hyped [Forrester Blogs]
Hotel Marketing Strategy by Leveraging Pinterest []

My thoughts? If you have a visually-stunning hotel, there’s no reason not to try Pinterest. Creating pins for unique room types, restaurant decor, menu items, and anything unique your hotel has to offer have definite re-pinning potential. For people who use Pinterest to get ideas for upcoming trips or create boards that feature decadent entrees they’d like to try, there’s no telling how much traffic you could gain from putting your pins out there.

The down-side? It may turn out that Pinterest isn’t the best social media platform for Hoteliers. But that’s ok. The most you have to lose is a few hours creating your boards. Compared to other social media platforms, Pinterest needs little on-going maintenance. You may have an occasional question pop up that needs to be answered, but for the most part, creating compelling visual content is the key to future business that may come through the door.

I personally don’t think Pinterest is going to be a huge pay-off for most companies, but the potential to bring in new traffic is what’s really key. There’s a huge opportunity to showcase your property to a large audience, but I think for the most part, the key players on Pinterest are really just looking for the ultimate crack potato recipe (apparently it’s amazing).

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Does the Lack of the Futura Font Doom Moonrise Kingdom?

I’m a huge Wes Anderson fan. When the trailer for Moonrise Kingdom hit the net I may or may not have let out a full-on girlie squeal and did a happy dance.

If you guessed that I may have, you’d be correct.

Besides the fact that Bill Murray and Jason Schwartzman are in almost every Wes Anderson film, there is another common thread. And that thread, my friends, is the Futura font.

Futura - A Typographical Hug

Scientifically, it seems that the Futura Font + Jason Schwartzman + Bill Murray = The perfect storm, being a Wes Anderson movie.

So why is it, just when my equations were lining up perfectly, that the trailer for Moonrise Kingdom comes out, displaying…cursive?

Moonrise Kingdom title - in...not Futura

Are my calculations off? Is Wes Anderson shedding the typographical security blanket? Just when I was assured that all Wes Anderson movies meant safe characters, Paul Simon soundtracks, a Hipstamatic-appearance and Futura font, my world was turned upside-down. Next thing you know, Wes Anderson will be directing the next season of Real Housewives (ok, maybe I’m overreacting just a little).

Do you associate certain fonts with certain people/movies/ideas? Just me?


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QR Codes and See’s Candy Boxes


Scannable Truffle Guide

Every year around the holidays, there’s a box of See’s candy in my office. Without fail. Every year I get excited that I correctly chose the perfect chocolate from the box. And every year I choose wrong.

Pineapple. What is pineapple doing in a chocolate candy? Ruining my day, that’s what.

So this year I got a little…creative. Thanks to the Information Super Highway, I was able to find a clickable guide to See’s Candy Truffles. What a godsend.

From there, I took the link and created a QR Code, so that my office friends could easily access the Truffle Guide. Voila!

Now, I feel pretty confident I won’t get any disappointing surprises. No more Blueberry Truffles carefully disguised as Cafe Hazelnut. No more wasting calories on the wrong truffle. No more eating half a candy, getting grossed out, then putting the remaining half back in the box, hoping a co-worker likes half-eaten lemon candy (or am I the only one who does that?)

But the real hero in all of this is whoever created the clickable See’s Candy Truffle Guide. Clickable Truffle Guide Creator, I salute you. You rank up there with other folks who have saved the holidays, like Rudolph. And Ernest.

Hope this solves your office candy dilemmas!


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