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The dish on: Homage Bakery

Homage is my new Reno bestie. My slice of Portland with the best croissants in town. A place to relax on the porch with friends with a well-crafted mocha. And it’s like the mocha is made with love.

To start, this place is adorable. It’s a refurbished house decorated in a way that I would like to decorate my house, but when I try it never looks this nice. It’s cozy and fancy with local artwork and chandeliers. There’s plenty of nooks, but also porch seats to watch the people pass by.

The food is breathtakingly amazing. It’s like someone literally poured their soul into my chocolate croissant. I’ve mentioned chocolate croissants twice (now three times) because they are made with the salty, sweet tears of angels crying. I don’t know what exactly is in them, but that’s my guess. Or just good chocolate and sea salt.

The surrounding scenery isn’t pretty, but Homage is. And I love the fact that if you go on a weekend you just might get to listen to a flautist playing Jethro Tull, whose also there to sell his custom art prints. This place has heart.

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