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New Facebook for Brands – Are you Overwhelmed Yet?

Facebook just announced a number of changes that will affect brand pages. As someone who manages multiple brand pages and ads, I’m trying to wrap my brain around all of this new information that’s coming my way. Here are some good links about the new changes:

Facebook Timeline for Brand Pages [] – If you’re still getting over the initial shock of having your personal Facebook page replaced by the timeline, here’s another scare – Timeline is coming to Brand Pages as of March 30. You can make the switch now or preview beforehand.

Facebook Real-Time Analytics [Mashable] – Just like Google, Facebook is updating to real-time analytics, which means I can sit at my computer all day long and see how many people are visiting my brand pages. I definitely see this as a new obsession, and possibly a replacement for TV.

New Facebook Ads [Mashable] – Facebook is rolling out new ads that will show up in the news feed, rather than on the right sidebar. These “Premium” ads will be a CPM model instead of the old CPC.

7 Crucial Things About Timeline for Facebook Pages [] – Be sure to update your 3rd party apps (including default landing tabs), update your cover photo, and even change that unique URL Facebook said was unchangeable!

Enough info for you? Don’t worry, there’s still 29 days left before the new Timeline!



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