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QR Codes and See’s Candy Boxes


Scannable Truffle Guide

Every year around the holidays, there’s a box of See’s candy in my office. Without fail. Every year I get excited that I correctly chose the perfect chocolate from the box. And every year I choose wrong.

Pineapple. What is pineapple doing in a chocolate candy? Ruining my day, that’s what.

So this year I got a little…creative. Thanks to the Information Super Highway, I was able to find a clickable guide to See’s Candy Truffles. What a godsend.

From there, I took the link and created a QR Code, so that my office friends could easily access the Truffle Guide. Voila!

Now, I feel pretty confident I won’t get any disappointing surprises. No more Blueberry Truffles carefully disguised as Cafe Hazelnut. No more wasting calories on the wrong truffle. No more eating half a candy, getting grossed out, then putting the remaining half back in the box, hoping a co-worker likes half-eaten lemon candy (or am I the only one who does that?)

But the real hero in all of this is whoever created the clickable See’s Candy Truffle Guide. Clickable Truffle Guide Creator, I salute you. You rank up there with other folks who have saved the holidays, like Rudolph. And Ernest.

Hope this solves your office candy dilemmas!


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